Afbeeldingsresultaat voor bitfinex

In accordance with the requirements of current anti­money laundering, proceeds of crime and
counter terrorist financing legislation, we are required to establish and record evidence of the
identity and source of funds for all of our Clients before establishing a business relationship.
Best AML­CTF practices require that we implement ongoing monitoring of all customer
transactions and identities. You may be subject to follow­up questions and enhanced customer
due diligence procedures at any time. Failure to satisfactorily address any outstanding issues or
questions can result in, among other things, termination of access to your account and
termination of the services to you.
I confirm having attached self­attested copies of certain documents demonstrating proof of
identity and proof of address. The documents provided are valid and, in the case of identity
documents, have a validity of at least six months. The proof of address is not older than three
I do hereby solemnly declare that the information provided is up­to­date and correct. The
documents provided as proof of identity and proof­of­address have been self­attested. I
authorize any member of the Bitfinex Group of Companies to verify the information provided to
confirm its accuracy.

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Bitfinex username:
Email address:
Applicant Signature:

Please print, sign, and attach this document to your Bitfinex account using the form on or by emailing to
Please notice that not signing and/or completing this form in all the online sections will result in
delays in the verification process.
Notice: Collection and retention of data is in accordance with the Bitfinex terms of service